Taking Practice Management to the next level

Zedmed | Website

The Project

Zedmed are a Medical practice management software company created by Doctors for Doctors. RARE work closely with Zedmed on a variety of custom software solutions, so with so much previous knowledge of the Zedmed platform we were the perfect choice to create a marketing site that sells their outstanding features.


Our Strategy

RARE have recently developed a suite of new patient experience focused cloud based applications for Zedmed such as a custom online booking system, custom telehealth solution and a file delivery for doctor patient communication that compliment their Practice Management Software. Explaining what makes them stand out from the competitors, the rich functionality of their software and how seamlessly it integrates with 3rd party software was our main focus.


The fully content managed site is not only a place for prospective users but a hub for existing users to access info guides, lunch and learn webinars, download updates and get support where they need it.