Custom Web Design & Development

We are specialists in Custom Websites and Digital design strategies. We love creating innovative, interactive work with attention to detail that takes the user on a journey and delivers more than they expect. That's fit for purpose design.

Web & app design is not like a print brochure online. How your key market interacts and experiences your digital content is a key factor of it's success. The user journey is complex and fascinating and should not be underestimated.

We immerse ourselves in the user journey creating tailor made solutions that are crafted to your specific needs.
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A U T O M A T I O N Automation

Workflow & Database Automation

Are you double handling files, manually processing data, copying and pasting documents or spending most of your day in Excel? We can assist with automating tedious data management and document creation - allowing you and your team more time to do what's important.

We can bridge gaps between existing systems, reduce time spent managing orders and projects, create self-service systems to replace in person support requests and much more.

If there's a human and a computer involved, we can make that human's life easier by making the computer do more. There's no database too big or workflow to complex. We guarantee we can reduce the amount of time you spend each day handling digital operations.

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Apps and Games Apps and Games Background

Custom Apps & Game Development

RARE has a long history of game and app development for both mature and younger audiences alike. Interactive play and activity content is not surprisingly very popular with many demographics and an easy way to create another avenue for brand engagement and loyalty.

What gets us up in the morning is that buzz we get bringing an idea to life. We love the collaborative workshop process, fleshing out the spark of a new concept for our clients.

Creating custom built apps and games for our clients gives us that buzz. Whether it be an app that creates real progression in an industry like eAuctions, built for brand awareness, a sales tool, or just for fun - custom apps and games create an intimate experience with your brand that builds loyalty like no other.

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Animation, Video, TVC & Visual FX

Animation and visual FX continue to have immense popularity with audiences in a broad range of demographics. The power of movement, be it within online content or stand alone video captures attentions and brings a message to life.

RARE produces customer awareness and engagement animation promotions for Major Corporate clients and loves to integrate movement and animation into our websites to create dynamic visually interesting content.

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Analtics Analtics

Analytics & Reporting

Reporting and analytics play a huge part in everything we do. Google analytics is just the tip of the iceberg. Search Engine Optimisation and usage analytics have become much more complex in the last 5 years.

We implement standard GA as well as heat-mapping and user screen recording on all of our builds as a standard, this helps to identify end-user conversion and usage patterns.

Additionally we recommend implementing reasonable end-user data collection to assist with targeted digital marketing down the line. Implementing the features mentioned above allows much more in depth analysis of your site's performance as well as opening up potential leads and communication channels.

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Social Engagement & Digital Marketing

Our mission is to help brands connect with their audience and grow their business. The key to success is to understand the audience and help brands connect with them by telling relevant, authentic and valuable stories and measure the results to find out what's working and what's not.

Telling great stories is only half the job. To build an audience and grow brands we need to make sure our content is finding it's audience and we are connecting with the right content, in the right place at the right time. Telling great stories is not a one-way street. We want our audience to start conversations and we want our brands to be involved in the conversations.

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