Footscray High School

A new website for a new era of Footscray High

Footscray High School | website

The Project

Footscray High school required a new website to bring their online presence inline with their rebrand and multi-million dollar expansion to become a modern, multi campus school.


Our Strategy

The site needed to serve two distinct roles, to provide a space for students, parents and staff to access year level specific content, news and updates, and a space for prospective families to gain an understanding about the school before enrolment.

Our strategy was to create year level hubs to house the specific information students and parents require throughout the year, and a space for campus specific information so the entire school community can come together. There is also a wealth of information for prospective students and families to gain a sense of what the school provides as well as a series of comprehensive transition guides.


We created a custom designed, content management website with space to grow. Key features include multi campus news and events, year level info hubs, easy access to frequently used links such as uniform, Compass communication and more.

The design also heavily incorporates the schools new brand and educational pillars, and strikes a delicate balance between a functional hub and a marketing piece for prospective families.