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SVX | Financial advisor web application

The Project

SVX were introduced to RARE to bring their newly developed financial application to life. The SVX team initally approached RARE to give the public facing side of their application some much needed “curb appeal”, but the evential project became so much more.


Our Strategy

Working closely with the SVX team, our strategy was a collaborative one, workshopping a strategy to expand the application and create a friendly approachable user experience that would appeal to professionals through to first time users. User flow, information heirarchy and a user friendly interface were the key focus areas of the project.


Outstanding client and customer feedback has really propelled the SVX Financial platform to new heights. Feature graphic dashboards for each major section effortlessly categorised an immense amount of content into manageable tasks and a custom designed icon set was established to create a user friendly work flow.

From the inital launch of the stage 1 consumer platform, we have worked closely with SVX to create a "white labelled" application for use within financial institutions, a stage 2 business platform was then developed and a stage 3 Advisor platform has recently been completed.